Broad-based Project Management Knowledge for Hungry Minds

Successful Project Managers look beyond scope, schedule and budget.
Do you want the Project Management skillset and mindset required to deliver projects successfully in today’s chaotic world?
The Project Manager’s Alternative Body of Knowledge (pmaltbok) will help you learn and grow as a Project Manager to look beyond the narrow lens of scope, schedule and budget.pmaltbok is a one-stop resource for all project management knowledge, curated by project managers with decades of experience.pmaltbok covers core project management topics from Agile to Plan-based. Here you can find knowledge every supporting discipline required by project managers today and in the future.pmaltbok includes topics such as Psychology, Politics, Sociology, Mathematics, History, Human Behaviour and Cognition, Communication, Philosophy, and more.

“With professionalism comes obligation. I think there is a challenge for this profession to stand up and be counted.” — Sir Peter Gershon Hon FAPM, APM

Being a Project Manager requires more than just competence in tools and frameworks. It takes more than just vague hand-waving about “soft skills“ to succeed. Project Managers today need to be multi-disciplinary, multi-function, and multi-modal practitioners that look at projects holistically and from different perspectives. Simply piling one certification on top of another doesn’t automatically give you all the competencies needed to be successful.

“Get over yourself and get to work!”- Malcolm Gladwell

If your goal is to become masterful at what you do, says Malcolm Gladwell, the formula is really quite simple: stay focused and put in your time.
The question is where do you source the knowledge you need. Self-study is great, but you need the best source available. PMAltBOK can help you get to work.

More than skillset, do you have the right Project Manager mindset?

Unhelpful mindsets are common in Project Management literature and practice: to change your mindset, you need to change your paradigm of project management. The knowledge is there and has been for 30+ years, but, we still don’t see that knowledge included in many standard definitions of Project Management Knowledge.

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PMAltBok – the Project Manager’s Alternative Body of Knowledge – is a broad-based repository developed specifically for the Project Management community. Unlike other BOK’s, PMAltBOK covers the full range of topics that you need to extend your Project Management capability, no matter what your current skill level.

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